photographed leaving the church on a wedding day Coleraine photographer Paul Davis pictured with his cameras

I started photography at 17 years old, my Mother was a photographer before me. She is my inspiration and biggest fan, only child and all that. My first assignment was property, then 3 yrs later, I shot my first wedding! My name is Paul and I am photographer from Coleraine, on the North Coast of Northern Ireland.

The job satisfaction is amazing! Especially weddings and getting to meet people. A few days behind the desk, a few out shooting. The diary planned well in advance allows me to travel and work remotely. Oh I love to travel, Spain is my favourite.

An only child, I listened to music. I had a crush on Naomi Campbell and probably still do. Michael Jordan was a hero and my birthday is on the 23rd. Social butterfly, I enjoy day parties over night. I like warmth and follow the sun. Got a thirst for travel and enjoy being in Spain.

I don’t do sports but do enjoy the gym. On my own for now, lets see where it goes. I cant believe your still reading, only a bit more to go. My mother Lilian, took me to weddings 30 years ago when she was a photographer. Your parents might remember her, retired now, she gets the Sunday debrief. A female entrepreneur, I was handed a gift. Paul Davis Photography is the result.

I want to take you behind the camera and in front of the lens. Please use this form to contact me. You can view pricing here . My real life wedding galleries appear here and blog posts here.