Don’t leave looking for a photographer until the last minute. With so much talent in Northern Ireland I thought this guide could help when choosing your wedding photographer bestie!

choosing a photographer
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Help choosing your wedding photographer

Get to know them a bit, word of mouth is a big help. Maybe you will gravitate towards what a photographer is saying or displaying. With so many talented wedding photographers in Northern Ireland, you may get overwhelmed. Maybe you like them all, if so start looking outside of photography.

It’s hard to know their value when choosing your wedding photographer until you experience the day. You want enthusiasm from breakfast to buffet, a bestie for the day. Will it be a celebration or turn into their photoshoot. Will they dress appropriately and blend in with guests. You want everyone to feel at ease, the camera plays a tiny part only appearing when moments are created.

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Do your research.

Do their couples look happy and relaxed, are they having fun. Are they showing a portfolio of real day weddings or workshop images using models. Have they experience with groups, you dont want to be hanging around all day. Are the images photoshopped, do they use filters. Can they supply albums, what are the turnaround times.

When choosing your wedding photographer ask if they cover bridal prep. This person is coming to your home, it’s good to know them a bit. Online reviews, website and social media are also important. Someone who gets your vibe and knows when you’ve had enough. Avoid anyone burnt out, you could be waiting for months on results.

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If you would like to know me a little better, here’s some background info. Or if you think we are a match contact me to check availability, my dairy is open. Who knows, the search for choosing your wedding photographer has maybe came to an end!